Moroni’s Message About Faith – Ether 12



After introducing the final prophet of the Jaredite nation—Ether—Moroni paused in his narrative to teach his modern readers about faith.


Moroni’s objective in writing this chapter was to encourage us to have faith in Jesus Christ, so that we can experience miracles in our lives.


  1. Lessons from Ether’s example of faith (Ether 12:1-6)
    1. Ether testified constantly and tirelessly. He taught the people that faith produces hope, which in turn leads us to do good works (Ether 12:1-4).
    2. The people didn’t believe Ether because he couldn’t prove that his words were true. But “faith is things which are hoped for and not seen.” We receive evidence only “after the trial of [our] faith” (Ether 12:5-6).
  2. Examples of faith (Ether 12:7-22):
    1. The resurrected Savior showed Himself to people who had faith in Him (Ether 12:7-9).
    2. The priesthood was received by faith (Ether 12:10).
    3. The law of Moses was given and fulfilled by faith (Ether 12:11).
    4. Faith brings miracles: Alma and Amulek, Nephi and Lehi, and Ammon and his brothers all experienced miracles because of their faith (Ether 12:12-16).
    5. The three disciples received miraculous promises because of their faith (Ether 12:17-18).
    6. Many people, including the brother of Jared, saw the Savior, even before His mortal life, because of their great faith (Ether 12:19-21).
    7. My ancestors obtained a promise by faith that their descendants would receive this record (Ether 12:22).
  3. A case study in faith: The Lord comforts and encourages Moroni (Ether 12:23-35).
    1. I told the Lord that the Gentiles would ridicule our words. He replied that His grace is sufficient for all who humble themselves before Him (Ether 12:23-28).
    2. I was comforted, because I know that God works miracles when we have faith (Ether 12:29-31).
    3. I also know that we must have hope and charity to inherit a place in the mansions of God (Ether 12:32-35).
    4. I pleaded with God to give the Gentiles charity. But He only reassured me that I will be saved because of my faithfulness (Ether 12:36-37).
  4. A call to action (Ether 12:38-41)
    1. I will meet you before “the judgment-seat of Christ,” and you will know that what I say is true (Ether 12:38-40).
    2. “I would commend you to seek this Jesus,” so that you can receive the grace of God forever (Ether 12:41).

My Takeaways

People who exercise faith in Christ will, by the grace of God, be filled with hope and charity, which will in turn empower them to perform great works, even miracles. This pattern has held true throughout history, and it will hold true in our lives. We need to possess hope and charity in order to inherit eternal life, so it is imperative that we exercise faith in our Savior.

We all feel inadequate sometimes. That feeling can be useful, because it can lead us to humble ourselves and exercise faith in God, which will unlock the power of His grace in our lives. Moroni experienced this. The apostle Paul experienced it. (See 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.) And so can we.

I will respond to Moroni’s teachings by exercising faith in Jesus Christ. When I feel inadequate or when I encounter obstacles, I will seek His help and continue to work hard, trusting that he will help me overcome all things and receive every blessing.

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