Lessons from the Writings of Moroni

During the month of June, I studied all of the chapters in the Book of Mormon which were written by Moroni. Here are some of the principles I learned, grouped by category:

Faith and Knowledge

The Priesthood and the Church


  • When we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, we not only align our actions with the will of God, but we also enable Him to transform us and to help us become more righteous.
  • We should allow our weaknesses to make us humble, but we must remember that God’s grace is sufficient to make us strong. Instead of trying to overcome every shortcoming, we ought to focus on doing good, so that we can draw closer to the Savior, who can save us.
  • We ought to seek Jesus so that His grace can not only be in us, but can also abide in us forever.

Leadership and Love


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