365 Questions

In 2019, I answered 365 questions—1 per day. Here is a list of the questions I studied, organized by category:

Doctrinal Questions (120)

Names and Titles of Jesus Christ (21)

The Atonement of Jesus Christ (18)

The Plan of Salvation (30)

The First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel (28)

The Church and the Priesthood (15)

The Sacrament (8)

Practical Questions (186)

Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge (35)

Christlike Attributes (30)

Charity and Ministering (21)

Consecration and Discipleship (24)

Family and Relationships (20)

Managing Emotions (28)

Teaching the Gospel (7)

Living Wisely (14)

Government (7)

Questions About the Book of Mormon (59)

Questions Recommended by President Russell M. Nelson (6)

The Translation of the Book of Mormon (10)

The Bible (20)

Isaiah (7)

Unusual Verbiage in the Book of Mormon (10)

Specific Events in the Book of Mormon (6)

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