Lessons from Studying the Book of Mormon by Type of Content (2018 summary)

In 2018, I organized my study by type of content. I categorized each chapter of the Book of Mormon, and I focused on a different type of content each month, such as missionary experiences, wars, or sermons to family members. Here are some of the most important principles I’ve learned this year:

Missionary Experiences (January)

  • Effective missionaries teach “according to the word and power of God.” They share not only information (word) but also the Spirit of the Lord (power).
  • A missionary feels sorrow when they see people committing sin. Not resentment. Not aversion. Not anger. Just sorrow, because they know that those people will experience pain as a result of their sins.
  • More lessons from missionary experiences

Journeys (February)

Visions and Spiritual Experiences (March)

Wars (April)

Government (May)

Sermons to Believers (June)

Sermons to Hostile Audiences (July)

Sermons to Family Members (August)

Sermons to Modern Readers (September)

Nephi’s Sermon on the Words of Isaiah (October)

Establishing the Church (November)

The Savior’s Visit to the American Continent (December)

Happy New Year!

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