Lessons from Wars in the Book of Mormon

During April, I have studied the wars in the Book of Mormon. In particular, I’ve focused on the following wars:

  • Zoram leads the Nephite army to victory (Alma 16)
  • The Lamanites attack the people of Ammon (Alma 24-25)
  • The battle of Jershon (Alma 28)
  • Captain Moroni defeats Zerahemnah (Alma 43-44)
  • Captain Moroni prepares the Nephites to defend themselves (Alma 46, 48-50)
  • Captain Moroni defeats Amalackiah and Ammoron (51-55, 59-62)
  • Helaman leads his young Ammonite army (Alma 56-58)
  • Moronihah leads the Nephite armies against the Lamanites (Helaman 1, 4)
  • Lachoneus leads the Nephites to victory against the Gadianton robbers (3 Nephi 3-4)
  • Mormon leads the Nephite armies in their final war (Mormon 1-6, Moroni 9)
  • Coriantumr leads the Jaredite armies in their final war (Ether 13-15)

Just as I’ve done with other types of content, I have tried to learn lessons from these chapters that I can apply in my daily life from these stories. The lessons I have learned fall into the following categories:

Responding to Adversity

Acting with Integrity



Loving Others

Power in Unity



God’s Love


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