What Are Some Examples of Faith in the Book of Mormon?

Near the end of the Book of Mormon, the prophet Moroni—the last author in the book—provides a list of people who received blessings after they exercised faith in Jesus Christ (Ether 12:10-22). This list is very similar to a list provided by the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 11, and has a similar purpose: to demonstrate that we can receive great blessings in our lives if we will choose to have faith. Here are the people mentioned in Moroni’s list:

Who? How did they demonstrate faith? What blessings did they receive?
The Nephites at the temple in Bountiful They gathered at the temple to discuss the signs of the death of Christ (3 Nephi 11:1). Christ showed Himself to them
Alma and Amulek They patiently endured affliction, then prayed for deliverance (Alma 14:23-26).
A prison collapsed around them, but they were unscathed.
Nephi and Lehi They preached the gospel with great power in many cities (Helaman 5:14-19).
The Lamanites they taught were “baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost”
Ammon and his brothers They chose to serve as missionaries among their enemies, the Lamanites, even though many people told them it was hopeless (Mosiah 28:1-5, Alma 26:23-26). The Lamanites were converted to the gospel
The three Nephite disciples Gathered in mighty prayer and fasting; desired to continue preaching the gospel (3 Nephi 27:1, 28:4-10).
They obtained a promise that they would not die until the Savior’s return
The brother of Jared Created sixteen clear stones, then asked God to touch them so that they would shine (Ether 3:1-5). He saw the Savior, who revealed “all things” to him
Multiple prophets They prayed that God would preserve their records (Enos 1:13-18).
They obtained a promise that their words would be published to the Gentiles

As I think about this list, I have the following observations:

  1. Faith is rooted in desire. These people chose to exercise faith because they had good desires.
  2. There are many ways to show our faith. These can include patiently enduring afflictions, gathering with other people to discuss the gospel, preaching the gospel to nonbelievers, fasting, and praying for specific blessings.
  3. People can exercise faith alone, in small groups, or in large groups.
  4. For many of them, the blessings they sought were for other people, not for themselves.

Today, I will strive to follow these examples of faith from the Book of Mormon. I will strive to align my desires with God, I will pray for specific blessings, including blessings which benefit other people. And I will wait patiently until the blessings come.

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