Lessons from Journeys in the Book of Mormon

During February, I studied journeys in the Book of Mormon. In particular, I’ve been interested in learning how I can more effectively work toward achieving long term goals, including maintaining my focus and commitment over time, and inspiring others to participate. During the month, I studied the following stories of journeys:

  • Lehi and his family leave Jerusalem and travel to the promised land (1 Nephi 2-5, 7, 16-18).
  • Zeniff leads a group of people from Zarahemla back to the land of Nephi (Omni, Mosiah 9-10).
  • Ammon travels to find the people of Zeniff (Mosiah 7-8).
  • Limhi leads his people back to Zarahemla (Mosiah 19-22).
  • Alma leads his people back to Zarahemla (Mosiah 23-24).
  • The people of Ammon move to Jershon (Alma 27).
  • Various explorers travel to the north countries (Alma 63, Helaman 3).
  • Jared and his family travel to the promised land (Ether 1-6).

Here are some of the principles I learned through my study:

Faith and Humility



Other Topics

  • We will love our ancestors more and be motivated to learn about them when we remember the debt we owe to them.
  • We should strive to forgive quickly and completely. By forgiving others, we free ourselves of a burden we would otherwise carry.
  • Gratitude becomes meaningful when we express it verbally.
  • Sometimes, what motivates a journey is compassion for other people. We should pay attention to the needs of the people around us.

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