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What Can We Learn from the Women in the Book of Mormon?

Today, I have been pondering the lessons I have learned from some of the women in the Book of Mormon. Here are a few of those lessons: “Now I know of a surety…” Sariah trusted the revelations received by her … Continue reading

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What Is an Elder?

When Moses saw the burning bush on Mount Horeb, God commanded him to return to Egypt and lead his people out of slavery. Moses was somewhat concerned about fulfilling this assignment alone. But God explained that he wouldn’t be alone: … Continue reading

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Why Are Ordinances Important?

Yesterday, I wrote that to be ordained is to be set in order. An ordinance is the mechanism used to create order. It is an action that is formally prescribed by God which we perform to show our devotion to … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Be Ordained?

We generally think of order as a good thing and its opposite—disarray, mismanagement, or chaos—as a bad thing. Most of us work hard to organize our lives and to fulfill our responsibilities in an orderly way. Furthermore, when we participate … Continue reading

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Who Was Melchizedek?

After Abraham and Lot settled in the land of Canaan, Lot fought in a battle and was taken prisoner. Abraham and 318 of his servants rescued him from his captors (Genesis 14:1-16). Upon their return, they were met by the … Continue reading

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What Is a High Priest?

After leading the children of Israel out of slavery, Moses consecrated his brother Aaron and Aaron’s sons to serve as priests. They were given special clothing to wear, but Aaron’s clothing was distinct from the others. He wore a vest … Continue reading

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What Is the Priesthood?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines priesthood simply as “the office or position of a priest.” This is the everyday meaning of the word. When Mormon tells us that Alma gave up his position as chief judge and “confined himself wholly … Continue reading

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