Come Forth!

The Savior's instruction to Lazarus as he lay in the tomb—"Come forth!" applies to us as well. We can come forth by spending time with other people, stepping out of our comfort zones, and doing challenging things even if they are highly visible.

As They Went

Jesus didn't immediately heal the ten lepers. He instructed them to go to the priest, who could assess their health. "As they went, they were cleansed." Miracles often happen only after we demonstrate our faith through action.

Moving Mountains

Jesus said that if we have only a small amount of faith, we can move mountains. President Russell M. Nelson has encouraged us to increase our faith in Jesus Christ, promising that He will help us move the mountains in our lives.


When Jesus declined a Phoenician woman's request with an unflattering metaphor, she cleverly found a way to insert her request into His imagery: "The dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table." The Savior rewarded this humble persistence.

“Help Thou Mine Unbelief”

There is something powerful about a sincere declaration of faith, coupled with an honest acknowledgement of our own limitations. A father who approached the Savior declared his belief while asking Him to help with his unbelief. We can do the same.

“Bring Them to Me”

Miracles often begin with a recognition of inadequacy. The apostles had only five loaves and two fishes, but Jesus said, "Bring them to me." Michelle Craig said, "What you have to offer is more than enough...if you rely on the grace of God."

First the Blade

When a seed begins to grow, we have a choice: be grateful for the sprouting plant and nourish it, or neglect it because it doesn't look very important. Jesus described our spiritual growth as first a "blade," then an "ear," and finally the "full corn."

So Great Faith

Jesus recognized an unusual manifestation of faith and praised the centurion. Ammon saw the same in the Lamanite queen. Strong faith can come from unlikely sources, and we would be wise to recognize and learn from it.

“Tossed with Tempest”

Jesus remained calm during a tempest, and He asked His disciples why they had become so fearful. Lisa L. Harkness taught that faith is "gritty and resilient." It helps us stay calm even in tumultuous circumstances.

“If Thou Wilt”

The leper expressed both uncertainty and certainty: "If thou wilt" (I don't know if you're willing to heal me), "thou canst make me clean" (I know you're able to do it). True faith includes a belief that God can heal us and an willingness to defer to Him.

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