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jesus-christ-good-shepherd-1402875-wallpaperMembers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints follow a curriculum called “Come, Follow Me” for gospel study in church classes, with their families, and as individuals,  Because the course of study for 2020 is the Book of Mormon, I’ve decided to organize my study around this year’s curriculum.

  • I will follow the schedule given in the manual “Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020.”
  • Each Sunday, I will write an overview post, summarizing the reading and sharing some of my insights into that week’s assignment.
  • Monday through Saturday, I will write a post each day based on my study of that week’s reading.

I hope the insights I share are useful to you this year. Please feel free to comment on my posts or send me questions that come up in your study.

Weekly Overview Posts

  • Alma 53-63: “Preserved by His Marvelous Power” – August 10-16 - The worst of times can bring out the best in us. That seems to be Mormon’s message as he highlights the remarkable faith and courage of Captain Moroni, Teancum, and the sons of Helaman during the seven-year war between the Nephites and the Lamanites. This week, we are studying the following events: Helaman recruits 2,000 young... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 43-52: “Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ” (August 3-9) - Twenty five—that’s how old Moroni was when he began commanding the Nephite armies. Thirteen years later, he stepped down to “spend the remainder of his days in peace” (Alma 62:43). What kind of man was he? Mormon makes it clear that Moroni “did not delight in bloodshed” but that he was committed to the liberty... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 39-42: “The Great Plan of Happiness” (July 27-August 2) - Alma loved his son Corianton. It is true that Corianton had disappointed and embarrassed him. But there is no hint of bitterness, frustration, or anger in Alma’s words to his son. Instead, Alma briefly (and somewhat reluctantly) provides needed correction (Alma 39:1-14), and then proceeds to answer some of Corianton’s questions. Alma makes it clear... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 36-38: “Look to God and Live” - After leading the mission to the Zoramites, Alma returned to his home in Zarahemla. He was troubled about the spiritual health of his people, and he wanted his three sons to continue the work of the ministry. So, he met with each of them individually to give them a personal “charge” (Alma 35:15-16). These individual... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 32-35: “Plant This Word in Your Hearts” (July 13-19) - How do you grow spiritually when you can’t worship the way you’d like? What do you do when you can’t gather with other believers or enter houses of worship? That is the question the poor Zoramites asked Alma: “We have no place to worship our God; and behold, what shall we do?” they asked (Alma... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 30-31: “The Virtue of the Word of God” (July 6-12) - How do you respond when people challenge your faith? Korihor attracted a large number of followers by criticizing the church. He claimed that the members were naive and the leaders were exploitative. Alma tried to help Korihor recognize the truth, but it was only when he was overcome by the power of God that Korihor... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 23-29: They “Never Did Fall Away” (June 29-July 5) - When Ammon and his brothers traveled to the land of Nephi to preach the gospel to the Lamanites, they hoped that some people would hear their message and accept the gospel. Little did they know that, during their 14 years of missionary service, thousands of people would embrace their message and would demonstrate extraordinary faith... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 17-22: “I Will Make an Instrument of Thee” (June 22-28) - Foolishness. That’s what many of the Nephites thought when they learned that the four sons of their king wanted to preach the gospel among their enemies (Alma 26:23-25). But Ammon and his brothers were determined, and God revealed to their father that they would be safe (Mosiah 28:7). God promised them that, if they would... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 13-16: “Enter into the Rest of the Lord” (June 15-21) - Alma ended his sermon to the people of Ammonihah with an impressive elaboration on Psalm 95:7-11. Incorporating the topics of premortal life and priesthood authority, he explained how to enter into “the rest of the Lord” (Alma 13). Tragically, the sermon was followed by an atrocity. The citizens of the community who did not believe Alma’s... Continue Reading →
  • Alma 8-12: Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People (June 8-14) - After preaching to responsive audiences in Zarahemla and Gideon, Alma traveled to Ammonihah, where he was rejected (Alma 8:6-13). But as he was leaving, an angel told him to return. This time, he had help from a resident of the city named Amulek. Here is a summary of the sermon they jointly taught: Alma and Amulek’s... Continue Reading →

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