Lessons from Sermons to Believers

During the month of June, I studied sermons in the Book of Mormon which were delivered to believers. Besides writing posts about those sermons, I also wrote a brief summary of each sermon in outline form. Here is a list of the sermons that I studied:

  1. Jacob’s first sermon to the people of Nephi, delivered shortly after they separated from the families of Laman and Lemuel (2 Nephi 6-10)
  2. Jacob’s second sermon, delivered after the death of Nephi (Jacob 2-3)
  3. King Benjamin’s speech at the temple (Mosiah 2-5)
  4. Alma’s speech to the people of Zarahemla (Alma 5)
  5. Alma’s speech to the people of Gideon (Alma 7)
  6. The sermon delivered by the Savior during His visit to the American continent (2 Nephi 12-16, 20-22)
  7. Mormon’s sermon on faith, hope, and charity (Moroni 7)

Here are some of the lessons I learned from these sermons this month:

Meekness and Humility

The Gathering of Israel


Enduring to the End



Trusting in God

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