Lessons from Visions and Spiritual Experiences in the Book of Mormon

During the month of March, I’ve studied the visions and spiritual experiences which are described in the Book of Mormon. I’ve tried to better understand what I need to do to gain spiritual knowledge and how I can become closer to God. I have focused on the following stories:

  • Visions of Lehi and Nephi (1 Nephi 1, 8, 11-14).
  • An angel delivers Nephi and Sam from Laman and Lemuel (1 Nephi 3).
  • Isaiah is called as a prophet (2 Nephi 16).
  • The conversions of Enos, Alma the Younger, King Lamoni, and Lamoni’s father (Enos, Mosiah 27, Alma 36, Alma 18-19, Alma 22).
  • An angel teaches King Benjamin (Mosiah 3).
  • Alma receives an answer to his prayer (Mosiah 26).
  • Alma and Amulek are visited by angels prior to preaching in Ammonihah (Alma 8, 10).
  • An angel commands Samuel the Lamanite to return and preach in Zarahemla (Helaman 13).
  • Nephi and Lehi, and later a group of Lamanites, are encircled by fire (Helaman 5).
  • Nephi receives the sealing power (Helaman 10-11).
  • Jesus Christ ministers to the Nephites in Bountiful (3 Nephi 17, 19).
  • The brother of Jared sees the Savior, who shows him all things (Ether 3-4).

Here are some of the lessons I learned, sorted by category:

Belief and Knowledge


The Holy Ghost




  • The Lord can help us overcome our challenges in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstances. Part of having faith in Him is trusting Him even when He is responding differently than we expected.
  • As we pray for spiritual growth, Heavenly Father may answer our prayers in part by sending adversity.
  • When we feel discouraged, we should look for positive signs that we can overcome our challenges.


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