Moroni’s First Message to His Modern Readers – Mormon 8-9



After Mormon’s death, his son Moroni appended two chapters to his father’s book. He may have believed that these were the concluding chapters in the book. He didn’t know how much longer he would live, and there was not much space left on his father’s plates (Mormon 8:5).


His father had given him guidance about what to write (Mormon 8:1). Moroni’s main goal appears to have been to refute false ideas which would prevent people from accepting the message of the Book of Mormon.


  1. Introduction (Moroni 8:1-11)
    1. My father is dead. “I even remain alone to write the sad tale of the destruction of my people” (Mormon 8:1-5).
    2. The Lamanites have destroyed my people. Now they are at war with one another “and no one knoweth the end of the war” (Mormon 8:6-9).
    3. The only disciples of Christ who are left are the three Nephites. My father and I have seen them, but no one knows where they are today (Mormon 8:10-11).
  2. Prophesies regarding the coming forth of the Book of Mormon (Mormon 8:12-41)
    1. Don’t condemn this record because of its imperfections. It will be brought to you by the power of God. If you judge rashly, you will be judged rashly (Mormon 8:12-21).
    2. God will fulfill all of His promises, including the promise that these words will come forth (Mormon 8:22-26).
    3. These words will come to you in a time of turmoil: faithlessness, secret combinations, corrupt churches, and violence (Mormon 8:26-32).
    4. Jesus Christ has shown you to me. Most of you are proud and unresponsive to the poor and the needy among you. Therefore “the sword of vengeance hangeth over you.” (Mormon 8:33-41).
  3. Warnings to two groups of unbelievers (Mormon 9:1-25)
    1. To those who don’t believe in Christ: think about how you will be judged (Mormon 9:1-6).
    2. To those who believe in Christ but don’t believe in miracles: God doesn’t change. If He performed miracles in the past, He will perform miracles today and in the future, including the miracle of our redemption. If you are not experiencing miracles, it is because of your unbelief  (Mormon 9:7-25).
  4. Words of counsel
    1. “Doubt not, but be believing.” “Be wise.” “Strip yourselves of all uncleanness.” “Do all things in worthiness.” (Mormon 9:26-29).
    2. Don’t condemn me or my father because of our imperfection. (Mormon 9:30-34).
  5. Conclusion: Our desire is for our brethren to be restored to the knowledge of Christ and to receive blessings through their faith in Him (Mormon 9:35-37).

My Takeaways

There are many patterns of thought that can prevent us from recognizing and acting on the truth. Moroni had seen his modern readers in a vision and knew some of the attitudes and misperceptions which would make it hard for some people to accept his father’s words (Mormon 8:35). In the last two chapters of his father’s book, he tried to help us identify and overcome some of those obstacles, including:

  1. Condemning a message because the messenger is imperfect
  2. Pride
  3. Refusing to believe

I will respond to Moroni’s message by avoiding rash judgements, by humbling myself and recognizing my limitations, and by choosing to believe that God can and will perform miracles on my behalf.

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