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A Marvelous Work – 1 Nephi 22:8-9

8 And after our seed is scattered the Lord God will proceed to do a marvelous work among the Gentiles, which shall be of great worth unto our seed; wherefore, it is likened unto their being nourished by the Gentiles … Continue reading

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Has the Day of Miracles Ceased? – Moroni 7:35-37

35 And now, my beloved brethren, if this be the case that these things are true which I have spoken unto you, and God will show unto you, with power and great glory at the last day, that they are … Continue reading

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They Did Not Believe – 3 Nephi 2:1-3

1 And it came to pass that thus passed away the ninety and fifth year also, and the people began to forget those signs and wonders which they had heard, and began to be less and less astonished at a … Continue reading

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Some Things They May Have Guessed Right – Helaman 16:15-16

15 Nevertheless, the people began to harden their hearts, all save it were the most believing part of them, both of the Nephites and also of the Lamanites, and began to depend upon their own strength and upon their own … Continue reading

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Many Mighty Miracles – Alma 26:11-12

11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.12 Yea, … Continue reading

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How Be It That Ye Have Not Written This Thing – 3 Nephi 23:11-13

11 And Jesus said unto them: How be it that ye have not written this thing, that many saints did arise and appear unto many and did minister unto them? 12 And it came to pass that Nephi remembered that … Continue reading

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If There Be No Faith – Ether 12:12

12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith. (Ether 12:12) Why does Moroni tell us that if we don’t exercise … Continue reading

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