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Mormon’s Final Message – Mormon 7

Setting After describing the final battle between his people and their enemies, the Lamanites, Mormon wrote one final message to the descendants of the Lamanites. His people had been completely destroyed, except for a few who had deserted, a few … Continue reading

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Moroni’s First Message to His Modern Readers – Mormon 8-9

Setting After Mormon’s death, his son Moroni appended two chapters to his father’s book. He may have believed that these were the concluding chapters in the book. He didn’t know how much longer he would live, and there was not much … Continue reading

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The Redemption of Man – Mormon 9:12-14

12 Behold, he created Adam, and by Adam came the fall of man. And because of the fall of man came Jesus Christ, even the Father and the Son; and because of Jesus Christ came the redemption of man. 13 … Continue reading

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From Whence Their Blessings Come – Mormon 5:10

10 And now behold, this I speak unto their seed, and also to the Gentiles who have care for the house of Israel, that realize and know from whence their blessings come. (Mormon 5:10) Gratitude leads to charity. When we … Continue reading

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Without Sail or Anchor – Mormon 5:17-18

17 They were once a delightsome people, and they had Christ for their shepherd; yea, they were led even by God the Father. 18 But now, behold, they are led about by Satan, even as chaff is driven before the … Continue reading

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Rolled Together as a Scroll – Mormon 5:23

23 Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? Know ye not that he hath all power, and at his great command the earth shall be rolled together as a scroll? (Mormon 5:23) Mormon had the misfortune … Continue reading

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The Judgment-Seat of Christ – Mormon 3:20, 22

20 And these things doth the Spirit manifest unto me; therefore I write unto you all. And for this cause I write unto you, that ye may know that ye must all stand before the judgment-seat of Christ, yea, every … Continue reading

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