During the month of May, I’m going to focus on chapters in the Book of Mormon which relate to governments and our relationship with them. I’m going to focus on the following stories:

The Establishment of Effective Governments

  • Nephi establishes a city (2 Nephi 5)
  • Zeniff establishes a city among the Lamanites (Mosiah 9-10)
  • Jared and his brother establish a new civilization in the promised land (Ether 6)
  • Lamoni’s father proclaims religious freedom (Alma 23)
  • Mosiah establishes a system of judges (Mosiah 29)
  • The people live in peace for about 170 years (4 Nephi)

Civil Unrest and the Breakdown of Governments

  • Gideon fights with King Noah (Mosiah 19)
  • The Amlicites attempt to reestablish the monarchy (Alma 2-3)
  • Amalackiah becomes king of the Lamanites (Alma 46-47)
  • Kishkumen murders the chief judge and the Gadianton robbers are organized (Helaman 1-2)
  • The Gadianton robbers take over the Nephite government (Helaman 6)
  • Nephi reveals the assassination of Seezoram by his brother, Seantum (Helaman 9)
  • The government breaks down, and the people divide into tribes (3 Nephi 2, 6-7)
  • The Jaredite kings (Ether 7-11)

I’m going to think about the following questions while I study:

  • What are some principles of effective and sustainable government?
  • What are my duties with respect to my government?
  • What are the limitations of government?
  • Why are the Gadianton robbers such an important topic during the second half of the Book of Mormon, and what lessons can I learn from those stories?
  • What can I learn from these stories about effective leadership, in my home, at work, and in other community and church settings?

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