Joshua and the Book of Mormon

This week, I reviewed the book of Joshua, summarizing the content of each chapter and identifying related Book of Mormon passages. The book can be divided into four parts:

  1. The children of Israel prepare to enter the promised land (chapters 1-5)
  2. With divine intervention, they conquer various cities in the land of Canaan (chapters 6-12)
  3. Land is divided among the tribes (13-22)
  4. Joshua’s final words (23-24)

Here is what I learned:

ChapterSummaryRelated Book of Mormon passage(s)
1God’s counsel to Joshua2 Nephi 24:1-3 – God will give Israel rest
2Rahab protects the Israelite spies1 Nephi 17:32-35 – God cursed the land against its current inhabitants
3Crossing the Jordan River
4The twelve stones
5Preparation to enter the promised landMosiah 7:19 – God fed Israel with manna
6The battle of Jericho
7The valley of Achor (Achan’s transgression)Alma 53:9 – The people were in danger because of iniquity among them
8The battle of AiMormon 7:4 – We should not fight unless God commands
Ambush of Ai is similar to ambushes in Alma 43, 52, 58
9Treaty with the Gibeonites. Israel is fooled because they didn’t ask God for counsel.Jacob 4:10 – Take counsel from God’s hand
Alma 37:37 – Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings
10God fights for Israel with giant hailstones, He makes the sun and moon stand still.Helaman 12:14-15 – God can make the earth stand still
11Joshua conquers the rest of Canaan, just as God had commanded Moses.1 Nephi 16:8 – Lehi had done all that God had commanded him to do
12List of 33 conquered kings
13Lands for (1) Reuben, (2) Gad, and (3) half of Benjamin. No land for Levi.
14Caleb receives his inheritance
15Land for (4) Judah
16Land for (5) Ephraim
17Land for (6) Manasseh
18Remaining tribes explore remaining land. Land for other half of Benjamin
19Land for (7) Simeon, (8) Zebulun, (9) Issachar, (10) Asher, (11) Naphtali, and (12) Dan
20Six cities of refuge appointed
2148 Levite cities established
22The altar Ed (a witness, not a functional altar)
23Joshua’s farewell sermon: Cleave unto GodJacob 6:5 – Cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you
Helaman 4:25 – Except they should cleave unto the Lord their God they must unavoidably perish
24The people covenant to serve the LordMosiah 5:2-5 – King Benjamin’s people collectively covenant to serve God
Alma 30:7-9 – Choose you this day whom ye will serve

Here are my main takeaways:

  1. God will fight our battles if we are willing to follow Him (Joshua 10:14, 42, Joshua 23:3, 10).
  2. We can avoid deception by seeking counsel from God (Joshua 9:14).
  3. We should cleave unto God (Joshua 23:8, 12).
  4. Each of us must decide whether we will choose to serve God (Joshua 24:15), but we should remember that our decisions affect the people around us (Joshua 7:1-5, Joshua 22:16-20).

Today, I will trust God to fight my battles. I will ask Him for guidance, strive to stay close to Him, and serve Him.

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