Alma’s Sermon in Gideon – Alma 7

Alma wide


After teaching the people in the city of Zarahemla, Alma traveled to Gideon to meet with the members of the church in that city. The people of Zarahemla had been in a difficult spiritual situation, and Alma had experienced “much affliction and sorrow” as he helped them get back on track. He was hoping for an easier experience in Gideon (Alma 7:3-6).


The purpose of Alma’s speaking tour was to reinvigorate the faith of the members and to urge them to repent.


  1. Introduction: expresses confidence in the people (Alma 7:1-6)
  2. The Son of God will take upon Himself three things: death, our infirmities, and our sins (Alma 7:7-13)
  3. Repent, and lay aside every sin which doth so easily beset you. (Alma 7:14-16)
  4. I perceive that ye are in the paths of righteousness, and you know that God is constant. (Alma 7:17-21)
  5. Admonition (Alma 7:22-24)
    1. Be humble, temperate, diligent, prayerful. (Alma 7:22-23)
    2. Have faith, hope, and charity. (Alma 7:24)
  6. Final testimony and blessing: “May the peace of God rest upon you.” (Alma 7:25-27)

My Takeaways

Repentance is for everyone. Whether we feel distant from God or close to Him, whether we have intentionally turned away from Him or are consistently trying our best to do what is right, repentance can bless us all.

Even though Alma found the people of Gideon to be “in the paths of righteousness” (Alma 7:19), he still urged them to repent (Alma 7:15). He reminded them that the Savior took upon Himself our sins, and that He can “blot out [our] transgressions according to the power of his deliverance” (Alma 7:13).

We all need to repent because we all fall short of perfection. As Elder Neil L. Andersen taught in a recent general conference:

Among the tens of thousands listening to this conference, there are many degrees of personal worthiness and righteousness. Yet repentance is a blessing to all of us. We each need to feel the Savior’s arms of mercy through the forgiveness of our sins (“Repent…That I May Heal You,” General Conference, October 2009).

I will respond to Alma’s message by continuing my process of repentance. I will seek to understand how I can be better. I will humble myself and continue to develop the Christlike attributes of faith, hope, and charity. And I will remember that Christ suffered to help me overcome my sins and to give me peace.

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