That Ye Had Continued in the Supplicating of His Grace – Alma 7:3

3 And behold, I have come having great hopes and much desire that I should find that ye had humbled yourselves before God, and that ye had continued in the supplicating of his grace, that I should find that ye were blameless before him, that I should find that ye were not in the awful dilemma that our brethren were in at Zarahemla.

Part of enduring to the end is maintaining our humility over time–not becoming cocky, not developing a sense of entitlement in spite of the blessings we receive, not allowing ourselves to “[suppose] that [we] are better one than another” in spite of the things we accomplish (Alma 5:54).  One indication that we have been “sufficiently humble” (Alma 5:27) is that we continue to earnestly pray for help from our Heavenly Father. We recognize that we need His help, and we exercise faith in Him, believing that He can and will bless us.  We don’t become complacent, and we don’t allow our desire for self-sufficiency to evolve into hubris.
“Supplication” is a strong word.  It means “begging for something earnestly and humbly” (Oxford Dictionaries).  This is more than saying rote prayers on a routine schedule; it means being aware of our weaknesses and of our need for divine assistance.  It means that our hearts burn with the knowledge that we “can do all things through Christ” when He lends us His strength (Phillipians 4:13). It means that we have not only “felt to sing the song of redeeming love” but that we “can feel so now” (Alma 5:26).
Today, I will make a conscious effort to “continue in the supplicating of his grace.”  As I face challenges throughout the day, I will plead humbly for His help, remembering that “his grace is sufficient” for me (Moroni 10:32).
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