Helaman 1-6: “The Rock of Our Redeemer” (August 17-23)


Over a thirty-year period, from about 52 B.C. to about 23 B.C., Nephite society deteriorated substantially. They had just won an extended war against their enemies, the Lamanites, but they were now losing an internal war. The rise of the Gadianton robbers, the decline of faith, and an increase in contention destabilized their government, eroded trust, and led to military losses. But even during those troubling times, some people remained faithful and experienced miraculous blessings. This week, we will study the following stories:

  1. Two chief judges—Pahoran and Pacumeni—are killed within two years. The Lamanites conquer the capital city of Zarahemla, but the Nephites quickly retake it (Helaman 1).
  2. Helaman becomes chief judge and foils an attempted assassination. The Gadianton robbers go into hiding (Helaman 2).
  3. Pride and contention grow in the church, but under the leadership of Helaman, peace and prosperity are restored (Helaman 3).
  4. The Lamanites attack and take control of most of the Nephite lands. Nephite armies, under the leadership of Moronihah, regain about half of their land (Helaman 4).
  5. Helaman’s sons, Nephi and Lehi, preach the gospel among the Lamanites. They are imprisoned but are protected by the power of God. Many Lamanites are converted (Helaman 5).
  6. The Lamanites become righteous, while the Nephites support and build up the Gadianton robbers (Helaman 6).

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