Helaman 3:36 It Did Grow Upon Them From Day to Day

36 And it came to pass that the fifty and second year ended in peace also, save it were the exceedingly great pride which had gotten into the hearts of the people; and it was because of their exceedingly great riches and their prosperity in the land; and it did grow upon them from day to day.
(Helaman 3:36)
You have to be vigilant with pride.  It grows quietly, almost imperceptibly, like a cancer.  You need to keep an eye out for it, watch for the signs, and be particularly careful of the external forces which tend to make it grow: money, education, and power.
Notice how quietly pride takes root in this chapter and the next:
Year 43: No contention…save a little pride
Year 44: No contention
Year 45: Not much contention
Year 46: Much contention and many disputations
Year 47: Great contention in all the land
Year 48: Helaman rules in righteousness; contentions begin to cease at the end of the year
Year 49: Helaman establishes “continual peace,” except for the Gadianton robbers, which the leaders were not aware of. 
Year 50: Continual peace and joy
Year 51: Peace, but pride begins to enter
Year 52: Pride continues to grow
Year 53: Helaman dies; Nephi beginsto reign
Year 54: Many dissentions
Year 56: Dissenters stir up Lamanites to anger
Years 57-61: War

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