Psalms 102-103; 110; 116-119; 127-128; 135-139; 146-150: “Let Every Thing That Hath Breath Praise the Lord” (August 22-28)

"King David," by Peter Paul Rubens, When God gives us responsibilities, He also provides power to help us fulfill them. That assurance returns time and time again in the last 50 psalms. Melchizedek received the eternal priesthood power of God (Psalm 110:4). Joseph became resilient through the trials he experienced (Psalm 105:17-18). And parents are... Continue Reading →

Psalms 49-51; 61-66; 69-72; 77-78; 85-86: “I Will Declare What He Hath Done for My Soul” (August 15-21)

"David Playing the Harp," by Jan de Bray, 1670 What is contrition? The English word descends from the Latin word contritus, which means literally “worn out” or “ground to pieces.” (See “contrite,” Online Etymology Dictionary.) In many of the psalms we are studying this week, we see David's overwhelming feelings of guilt for his sins and his... Continue Reading →

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