Exercise Faith

Shortly after convincing Ishmael and his family to join them in their journey, Laman and Lemuel decided that they wanted to return to Jerusalem. In response, Nephi reminded them of a fundamental principle of the gospel: How is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for... Continue Reading →


On the last full day of His mortal life, the Savior gathered His disciples for a meal. He washed their feet. He instituted the ordinance of the sacrament. He taught them and answered their questions. And then, He prayed for them and for all people who would believe their words: That they all may be one;... Continue Reading →

To My Readers: 2021 Plan

2020 has been a remarkable year! I know it's been difficult for many and tragic for some. We have all had to make some adjustments and have endured some unexpected challenges. But we have received amazing blessings along the way. I think Nephi's words in the first verse of the Book of Mormon are applicable... Continue Reading →

“They Were Beloved” – Alma 53:2

What kind of relationships did Captain Moroni have with the people closest to him? We don't know much about his family, except that his son Moronihah succeeded him as commander of the Nephite armies (Alma 62:43). But we do see him interacting with other military leaders, particularly Lehi and Teancum. The following passage gives us... Continue Reading →


After an angel called Alma to repentance, he "fell to the earth, and...did hear no more" (Alma 36:11). For three days, he was "racked, even with the pains of a damned soul" (Alma 36:16). During that time, he was "tormented with the pains of hell" (Alma 36:13). It was only when he remembered that his... Continue Reading →


Twice in the Book of Mormon, we are urged not to procrastinate. When Alma and Amulek teach the people of Ammonihah, Alma ends their joint sermon with a call to action: Now is the time to repent, for the day of salvation draweth nigh;... I wish from the inmost part of my heart, yea, with... Continue Reading →

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