Ammon Teaches His Brothers – Alma 26



After serving for approximately fourteen years as missionaries among the Lamanites, Ammon and his brothers reflected on the success they had experienced.


Ammon’s purpose in teaching his brothers was to express his gratitude for the blessings they had received from the Lord during their mission.


  1. Could we have guessed at the beginning of our mission that we would be so blessed? Thousands of the Lamanites have been brought out of the darkness into the light. We were instruments in God’s hands to make this possible (Alma 26:1-7).
  2. Let’s praise God, because if we hadn’t come, the Lamanites would still hate us and would be strangers to Him (Alma 26:8-9).
  3. [Aaron accuses Ammon of boasting] (Alma 26:10).
  4. I’m not boasting of myself. I’m rejoicing in God. I know I’m nothing, but look what God has done! And we were instruments in His hands to do it (Alma 26:11-16).
  5. Why was God so merciful to us? We tried to destroy His church. But instead of destroying us, He rescued us (Alma 26:17-20).
  6. Only the penitent can truly know these things. (Alma 26:21-22).
  7. Our friends in Zarahemla laughed at us. They thought the Lamanites couldn’t be saved. They wanted to destroy them. But we wanted to save them (Alma 26:23-26).
  8. When our hearts were depressed, God comforted and encouraged us (Alma 26:27).
  9. We suffered all kinds of afflictions, hoping that we might save a few of them (Alma 26:28-30).
  10. But now we see the result: not a few, but many of them have been converted, and we can see the depth of their conversion: They have buried their weapons, and they would rather die than kill their enemies (Alma 26:31-34).
  11. Don’t we have reason to rejoice? If this is boasting, I will boast: “I will give thanks unto my God forever” (Alma 26:35-37).

My Takeaways

Ammon’s heart was full of joy. He and his brothers had served faithfully as missionaries, and God had accomplished miracles through their service. Had they suffered? Had they been mocked? Had they been discouraged at times? Yes, and how grateful he was that they had kept going, that they had not given up. Of course, they couldn’t take credit for the conversion of their new friends. God had changed their hearts. But it wouldn’t have happened if Ammon and his brothers hadn’t been willing to serve.

President Spencer W. Kimball said, “God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other in the kingdom” (“Small Acts of Service,” First Presidency Message, Ensign, December 1974).

I will respond to Ammon’s words by renewing my commitment to serve others. When I am discouraged or when my service seems to be ineffective, I will not give up. I will keep trying. I will remember that I am doing God’s work and that He can work miracles through me if I will continue to serve my brothers and sisters faithfully.

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