“All Power, All Wisdom, and All Understanding” – Alma 26:35

As Ammon reviewed with his brothers their fourteen-year mission among the Lamanites, he enumerated the blessings they had received from God. Fearing that Ammon was letting their success go to his head, his brother Aaron cautioned him not to boast (Alma 26:10). But Ammon replied that he was praising God, not himself. If rejoicing in God’s goodness constitutes boasting, he said, “even so I will boast.” Then, he went on to testify of God’s incredible capabilities and of His willingness to use them on our behalf:

He has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding;
he comprehendeth all things,
and he is a merciful Being,
even unto salvation,
to those who will repent and believe on his name (Alma 26:35).

President Russell M. Nelson recently testified that we can rely on God to help us through the crises we are currently experiencing. After affirming Ammon’s testimony, President Nelson added:

So, during times of deep distress, as when illness reaches pandemic proportions, the most natural thing for us to do is to call upon our Heavenly Father and His Son—the Master Healer—to show forth Their marvelous power to bless the people of the earth…. I know that He will respond to the pleadings of His people (“Opening the Heavens for Help,” General Conference, April 2020).

Today, as I pray, I will remember the words of Alma. God has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding. He will be merciful to those who believe and repent. I will pray to Him for guidance and assistance in overcoming the challenges I personally face. I will also pray for divine intervention in addressing the crises facing the world. I will pray in faith, with the assurance that He will respond.

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