To Be Faithful – Alma 48:7

7 Now it came to pass that while Amalickiah had thus been obtaining power by fraud and deceit, Moroni, on the other hand, had been preparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God.

The fundamental difference between Amalickiah and Moroni was honesty and integrity. Amalickiah obtained power “by fraud and deceit.” Moroni, in contrast, was motivated by a sense of honor, and he also motivated his people to be faithful. I wouldn’t want to follow a leader like Amalickiah. I wouldn’t trust him. On the other hand, Moroni was a leader who inspired trust because his decisions matched his words.
Today, I will remember the importance of integrity in a leader. I will strive to live consistently by my core beliefs, knowing that, by living honorably, I can inspire others and earn their trust.

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