Mosiah 4-6: “A Mighty Change” (April 20-26)


The people of King Benjamin responded to his words by pleading with God to “apply the atoning blood of Christ,” so that their sins could be forgiven. In response, the Spirit of the Lord filled them with joy and gave them “peace of conscience” (Mosiah 4:2-3).

King Benjamin then taught them how to retain this closeness to God over time. In particular he told them to:

  • Believe in God, humble themselves, and pray every day (Mosiah 4:4-12)
  • Love and serve one another, and teach their children to do the same (Mosiah 4:13-26)
  • Follow the commandments of God “in wisdom and order” (Mosiah 4:27-30)

The people then entered a covenant to obey God for the rest of their lives, and Benjamin taught them what it means to take upon yourself the name of Christ (Mosiah 5).

He then did two things to help the people keep their covenant: he recorded their names, and he appointed priests to remind them of what they had promised (Mosiah 6).

Here’s an outline of King Benjamin’s sermon, with my takeaways.

Here are some blog posts about the key themes from these chapters:

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