Mosiah 7:18 An Effectual Struggle

Yet I trust there remaineth an effectual struggle to be made.  (Mosiah 7:18)
It is particularly discouraging when we have tried to overcome a challenge over and over again without success.  It is easy to say, “I’ve already tried to solve that one.  It can’t be done,” or, “I’m just not capable of handling this one.”  
Limhi’s words indicate that he has not succumbed to this kind of despair, in spite of numerous failed attempts to free his people.  His hope is still alive, and he seizes the arrival of Ammon as an opportunity to try again.  We all need to follow Limhi’s example and keep believing in our ability to overcome challenges, even when we have tried and failed many times.  We must keep the embers of hope burning and be prepared to try again when help arrives.  

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  1. I searched to find this scripture and was pleased to find your site. I am mostly greatful for the example you provide on how to get the most out of gospel study using the Come Follow Me curriculum.
    Many thanks for your sharing your thoughts.


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