To borrow something is to make a commitment. Inherent in borrowing is a promise to return the object to the owner in good condition. In the law of Moses, the Lord decreed that if someone borrowed an animal, "and it be hurt, or die, the owner thereof being not with it, he [the borrower] shall... Continue Reading →

Sherem – Rhetoric vs. Reality

Today, as I read the story of Sherem in Jacob 7, I was struck by Sherem's reliance on his own persuasive abilities. In contrast Jacob was focused on "things as they really are they really will be" (Jacob 4:13). Jacob introduces Sherem as a person who "had a perfect knowledge of the language of... Continue Reading →

Whosever Among You Borroweth – Mosiah 4:28

28 And I would that ye should remember, that whosoever among you borroweth of his neighbor should return the thing that he borroweth, according as he doth agree, or else thou shalt commit sin; and perhaps thou shalt cause thy neighbor to commit sin also.(Mosiah 4:28)We all know that it is dishonest to borrow something... Continue Reading →

To Be Faithful – Alma 48:7

7 Now it came to pass that while Amalickiah had thus been obtaining power by fraud and deceit, Moroni, on the other hand, had been preparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God.(Alma 48:7)The fundamental difference between Amalickiah and Moroni was honesty and integrity. Amalickiah obtained power "by fraud... Continue Reading →

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