He Did Speak Peace to Our Souls – Alma 58:10-11

10 Therefore we did pour out our souls in prayer to God, that he would strengthen us and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, yea, and also give us strength that we might retain our cities, and our lands, and our possessions, for the support of our people.
11 Yea, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him.

This is what we should do when we face intimidating challenges, when we are anxious or unsettled in spirit: We should pour out our souls in prayer to God, and ask Him for the strength to meet those challenges successfully. Note that even though Helaman and his colleagues asked God to “deliver” them, they were not expecting Him to simply make the problems go away. They expected deliverance to happen in the context of hard work and sacrifice on their part, which is why they pleaded with Heavenly Father to “strengthen us.”
In answer to their prayers, Heavenly Father did the following:
  1. Visited them with assurances that they would be delivered
  2. Spoke peace to their souls
  3. Gave them great faith
  4. Caused them to hope for deliverance
Note that all of these blessings preceded the actual deliverance. When we plead with God to help us meet our challenges, He can bless us with peace, faith, and hope even before we begin to see the tangible evidence of his deliverance.
Today, I will “pour out [my] soul in prayer to God” to help me meet the challenges I face, and I will seek His assurances and His peace to bolster my faith and my confidence.
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