Doctrine and Covenants 29: “Jesus Christ Will Gather His People” (March 22-28)

Detail from “The Second Coming,” by Harry Anderson

In September 1830, a few days before the second conference of the church, a group of nine church members met with Joseph Smith to ask some doctrinal questions which had arisen from their study of the Book of Mormon. They wondered when and how Zion, or the New Jerusalem, would be established. They also wanted to know more about the Fall of Adam and the nature of spiritual death. During the meeting, in response to these inquiries, Joseph Smith received the revelation contained in Doctrine and Covenants 29. (See Joseph Smith’s Revelations: A Doctrine and Covenants Study Companion from the Joseph Smith Papers, Doctrine and Covenants 29.) Here are some of the doctrines discussed in that revelation, along with some relevant blog posts for each:

1. Jesus Christ will gather His elect (v. 1-8).

2. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be a time of judgment (v. 9-13).

3. Natural disasters and other difficulties will precede the Savior’s Second Coming (v. 14-21).

4. After the Millennium, the earth will be replaced by a new earth (v. 22-25).

5. All people will be resurrected and judged (v. 26-29).

6. All of God’s commandments are spiritual; none are temporal (v. 30-35).

7. Adam transgressed God’s commandment and was cast out of the Garden of Eden (v. 36-41).

8. His death was postponed, to give him an opportunity to learn and repent (v. 42-45).

9. Little children are redeemed because they cannot sin (v. 46-50).

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