Alma 23-29: They “Never Did Fall Away” (June 29-July 5)


When Ammon and his brothers traveled to the land of Nephi to preach the gospel to the Lamanites, they hoped that some people would hear their message and accept the gospel. Little did they know that, during their 14 years of missionary service, thousands of people would embrace their message and would demonstrate extraordinary faith and consecration. Last week, we saw missionary work on a personal level, as Ammon taught King Lamoni and as Aaron taught Lamoni’s father. This week, we get to see the effect of their conversion on a large number of people.


Four of the chapters from this week’s reading are historical:

  • Chapter 23 – Who was (and who wasn’t) converted to the gospel. The converts call themselves Anti-Nephi-Lehies instead of Lamanites.
  • Chapter 24 – The converted Lamanites bury their weapons and choose to die rather than fight.
  • Chapter 25 – Lamanite armies attack multiple Nephite cities (Alma 16 tells this same story from the Nephites’ perspective).
  • Chapter 27 –  Ammon convinces the king to lead his people to safety in the land of Zarahemla.
  • Chapter 28 – Final battle; Mormon’s conclusions about the Lamanite mission

The other two chapters are heartfelt testimonies by Ammon and Alma.

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