Why Are Reunions Important?

After serving as missionaries among the Lamanites, the sons of Mosiah returned home. While en route, they encountered their good friend Alma, whom they had not seen in fourteen years. “Alma did rejoice exceedingly to see his brethren” (Alma 17:2). He was delighted to see how well they had done and how much they had grown spiritually. One of the sons of Mosiah was “swallowed up” with joy so great that it overpowered his physical strength (Alma 27:17).

Many years later Mormon wrote a letter to his son Moroni, urging him to remain faithful and to continue preaching the gospel despite the unresponsiveness of their people. Near the end of the letter, he wrote, “I trust that I may see thee soon; for I have sacred records that I would deliver up unto thee” (Moroni 9:24).

Near the end of King Benjamin’s life, he called his people together to hear his words. There were so many of them that they couldn’t all hear him, even though he stood on a tall tower to speak. So he had his words transcribed and distributed. Despite the logistical difficulties, I think it’s significant that he wanted them all to come together, to be present on this important occasion (Mosiah 2:5-8).

In our connected world, there are so many ways to keep in touch with the people we love—email, texting, social media, phone calls, and video calls. But there is no substitute for actually being with them, and there are some kinds of conversations that can only be done effectively in person. Therefore:

  1. We ought to look for opportunities and plan occasions to be with our loved ones.
  2. When we are together, we ought to take full advantage of that opportunity.

Today, and throughout this holiday season, as I am able to spend time with family whom I don’t get to be with very often, I will make it a point to fully engage and to have the kinds of interactions that can only be effectively done in person.

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