Alma 17-22: “I Will Make an Instrument of Thee” (June 22-28)


Foolishness. That’s what many of the Nephites thought when they learned that the four sons of their king wanted to preach the gospel among their enemies (Alma 26:23-25). But Ammon and his brothers were determined, and God revealed to their father that they would be safe (Mosiah 28:7). God promised them that, if they would be patient in their afflictions, He would make them “an instrument in his hands” to bring many people to salvation (Alma 17:11, Alma 26:3, 15).

This week, we will study the ministry of Ammon among the people of King Lamoni, including the remarkable story of Abish, a servant of the queen (Alma 17-20). We will also study the ministry of Ammon’s brother Aaron to Lamoni’s father after he is released from prison (Alma 21-22).

Two of the most important women in the Book of Mormon appear in these chapters: Abish and the wife of Lamoni. I have written about both of them in the following post:

What Can We Learn from the Women in the Book of Mormon?

Here are some blog posts about the major themes in these chapters:

Preparing to teach

Serving effectively

Teaching effectively

Other lessons from the mission of the sons of Mosiah

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful insights in your study. Just a trivia, I was named after Abish from the Book of Mormon.


    1. That’s a fantastic name and a fantastic legacy! Abish was a remarkable woman who was able to lead effectively without holding a position of authority. Thank you for sharing that. Have a great day!


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