Many Did Believe in Their Words – Alma 19:33-35

33 And it came to pass that when Ammon arose he also administered unto them, and also did all the servants of Lamoni; and they did all declare unto the people the selfsame thing—that their hearts had been changed; that they had no more desire to do evil.
34 And behold, many did declare unto the people that they had seen angels and had conversed with them; and thus they had told them things of God, and of his righteousness.
35 And it came to pass that there were many that did believe in their words; and as many as did believe were baptized; and they became a righteous people, and they did establish a church among them.
(Alma 19:33-35)

Two groups of people are described in these verses. One group had been so affected by the words of Ammon and by the king’s response to them that they had been overpowered by the Spirit of the Lord and had fallen to the earth unconscious, much like Alma the Younger after his experience with the angel. (See Alma 19:13-16, Mosiah 27:19-23.) This group testified that their hearts had been changed and that they had experienced remarkable spiritual manifestations. The other group had seen them recover from this unconscious state and had heard and believed their testimony. Both groups were baptized, and collectively “they became a righteous people” and established the church.

In an 1831 revelation, Joseph Smith was told about two spiritual gifts which lead to eternal life:

To some it is given by the Holy Ghost to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he was crucified for the sins of the world.
To others it is given to believe on their words, that they also might have eternal life if they continue faithful.
(D&C 46:13-14)

After the apostle Thomas saw and touched the resurrected body of the Savior, Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29).

When Jesus visited the American continent, He prayed not only for the people who saw and heard them but for “all them that shall believe in their words” (3 Nephi 19:21, 28). He asked Heavenly Father to purify the people who believed in the testimony of these eyewitnesses just as He had purified the people who were in His presence at that time.

Today, I will remember that great blessings can come to those who are willing to open their hearts to the testimony of others. My faith can be strengthened as I hear and believe in the spiritual experiences that have happened to other people, including members of my ward, my friends, and family members. I will also remember that my spiritual experiences can strengthen other people’s faith. As I testify of the things I know to be true, I may unlock the powers of heaven for other people who listen to me and “believe in [my] words.”

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