Enos-Words of Mormon: He Works in Me to Do His Will (March 23-29)


Imagine if you were responsible for a sacred record created by your ancestors. Your duty is to protect it and to add to it. The earlier keepers of the record have filled many of the pages with miraculous stories and powerful spiritual experiences. What would you write?

This week, we are studying the words of the last seven authors in the small plates of Nephi. Here’s a list of those authors, with a brief overview of what they chose to write in the brief space available to them:

  • Enos shared a personal spiritual experience and briefly described his ministry (Enos 1).
  • Jarom described the prosperity of his people and lamented that they needed constant reminders from their leaders to stay righteous (Jarom 1).
  • Omni characterized himself as a “wicked man,” and indicated that his people had seasons of peace and seasons of war (Omni 1:1-3).
  • Amaron reports that many wicked Nephites had died, but that the Lord “did spare the righteous that they should not perish” (Omni 1:4-8).
  • Chemish emphasized the importance of fulfilling their duty by keeping records (Omni 1:9).
  • Abinadom reported that there continued to be wars and that he was unaware of any new revelation or prophecy (Omni 1:10-11).
  • Amaleki wrote about the migration of his people to Zarahemla, the discovery of the Jaredite record, and the return of a group of people to the land of their inheritance. He also urged his readers to come unto Christ (Omni 1:12-30).

Before continuing with his abridgment of the large plates, Mormon inserted a brief editorial note, in which he explained why he included the small plates (Words of Mormon 1).

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