That They May Know – 1 Nephi 15:14

14 And at that day shall the remnant of our seed know that they are of the house of Israel, and that they are the covenant people of the Lord; and then shall they know and come to the knowledge of their forefathers, and also to the knowledge of the gospel of their Redeemer, which was ministered unto their fathers by him; wherefore, they shall come to the knowledge of their Redeemer and the very points of his doctrine, that they may know how to come unto him and be saved.
(1 Nephi 15:14)

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of asking Heavenly Father for help. Nephi’s brothers were confused and discouraged but were unwilling to turn to the Lord because they didn’t believe he would answer them. 

In the passage above, Nephi teaches his brothers how willing the Lord is to bless us. Consider the following:

  • It is possible to be “the covenant people of the Lord” and not know it. We can inherit covenant promises and blessings from our ancestors which we may not be aware of. 
  • Heavenly Father wants us to understand His gospel and will help us learn, just as He helped prior generations. 
  • The doctrine of the Redeemer teaches us what we need to do in order “to come unto him and be saved.” We don’t have to save ourselves. He will do that for us. We simply need to learn how to turn to Him so that He can heal us. (See 3 Nephi 9:13). 

Today, I will remember that my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, are eager to bless me. I will remember that the covenants They have made with me and with my ancestors can unlock Their blessings in my life. I will also remember that I don’t have to save myself. By following the doctrine of Christ, I can grow closer to Him so that He can save me.

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