How Quick…to Be Led Away – Alma 46:8-9

8 Thus we see how quick the children of men do forget the Lord their God, yea, how quick to do iniquity, and to be led away by the evil one.
9 Yea, and we also see the great wickedness one very wicked man can cause to take place among the children of men.

People are easily influenced, particularly when someone appeals to their pride. In the first ten verses of this chapter, Mormon uses the word “flatteries” or “flattering” three times to describe the tactics of Amalickiah. By praising the people and promising them power and influence, he was able to convince many of them to give up their freedom and support his plan to become king over the Nephites.
Mormon points out that this story has a moral: people are easily swayed, more easily than they would like to believe. We can easily be deceived, and for that reason, one persuasive individual can cause great wickedness among a formerly righteous people in a very short period of time.
Today, I will remember that I and the people around me are impressionable. As a result, I will surround myself with positive influences: people who help me to be my best self, media which inspire me to do good, and environments where the Spirit of the Lord can dwell.

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