The People Came Running Together – Alma 46:21

21 And it came to pass that when Moroni had proclaimed these words, behold, the people came running together with their armor girded about their loins, rending their garments in token, or as a covenant, that they would not forsake the Lord their God; or, in other words, if they should transgress the commandments of God, or fall into transgression, and be ashamed to take upon them the name of Christ, the Lord should rend them even as they had rent their garments.

Mormon taught us earlier in this chapter that people are easily influenced, so a single persuasive yet corrupt person can cause widespread wickedness in a short period of time. 
In the passage above, we see the opposite manifestation of the same principle: a single righteous person who declares the truth with conviction can quickly rally many people to a worthy cause.
Today, I will seek to follow the example of Moroni. I will state the truth simply and with energy, knowing that others can be inspired by a sincere and courageous testimony.
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