They Were Obliged to Abide by the Laws – Alma 1:1

1 Now it came to pass that in the first year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi, from this time forward, king Mosiah having gone the way of all the earth, having warred a good warfare, walking uprightly before God, leaving none to reign in his stead; nevertheless he had established laws, and they were acknowledged by the people; therefore they were obliged to abide by the laws which he had made.

Mormon teaches us a simple principle in this chapter: when people agree to live under a system of laws and government, they are obligated to obey and uphold those laws. 
In the prior chapter, King Mosiah recommended to the people a new system of government and explained his rationale to them. He had tremendous credibility with them because of the way he had governed and because of his obvious love for them, and they accepted his recommendation wholeheartedly.
Now, during the first year of the new system of government, their commitment to this new system encountered its first crucial test. When a man named Nehor blatantly disobeyed their laws, the chief judge reminded the people of their collective responsibility as he pronounced the sentence:

14 Therefore thou art condemned to die, according to the law which has been given us by Mosiah, our last king; and it has been acknowledged by this people; therefore this people must abide by the law (Alma 1:14).

This principle applies not only to our laws and government, but also to the policies and rules which we agree to adhere to in the workplace and in other organizations we belong to. Our obligation is not only to endure and accept those rules but to actively support them. Consider the active verbs in our twelfth article of faith: “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law” (Articles of Faith 1:12).
Today, I will remember my obligation to actively uphold and sustain the laws and the regulations of the organizations that I belong to. I will not only follow the law but will actively defend and support it.

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