They Went Immediately – Alma 15:4-5

4 Now, when he heard that Alma and Amulek were in the land of Sidom, his heart began to take courage; and he sent a message immediately unto them, desiring them to come unto him.
5 And it came to pass that they went immediately, obeying the message which he had sent unto them; and they went in unto the house unto Zeezrom; and they found him upon his bed, sick, being very low with a burning fever; and his mind also was exceedingly sore because of his iniquities; and when he saw them he stretched forth his hand, and besought them that they would heal him.
When Alma and Amulek learned that Zeezrom was suffering, both physically and spiritually, they visited him immediately. Their hearts were filled with compassion, and they wanted to help. I’m impressed that they seem to have harbored no bitterness toward him in spite of his antagonistic reception of their message at Ammonihah. They knew he was in pain, they knew they could help him, and they followed the Savior’s perfect example of compassion and service.
Today, I will reach out to someone who needs my help. Like Alma and Amulek, I will go immediately when I am aware of the need. I will not hesitate to render service where I can help. 
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