Turn, All Ye Gentiles, from Your Wicked Ways – 3 Nephi 30:2

2 Turn, all ye Gentiles, from your wicked ways; and repent of your evil doings, of your lyings and deceivings, and of your whoredoms, and of your secret abominations, and your idolatries, and of your murders, and your priestcrafts, and your envyings, and your strifes, and from all your wickedness and abominations, and come unto me, and be baptized in my name, that ye may receive a remission of your sins, and be filled with the Holy Ghost, that ye may be numbered with my people who are of the house of Israel.

The book of 3 Nephi ends with a heartfelt plea from the Savior which encapsulates the message He has taught in the prior chapters:
  1. Turn from your sins. 
  2. Come unto me. 
  3. Be baptized. 
And you will:
  1. Receive a remission of your sins
  2. Be filled with the Holy Ghost
  3. Become part of the house of Israel
The long list of sins at the beginning of the verse reminds us of the strictness of the way, but it also illustrates the universality of the message. Who is the Savior inviting to come unto Him? People who lie, people who deceive, people who commit whoredoms, and the list goes on. He’s not limiting His invitation to people who are already pretty good. He’s saying, “I don’t care what you’ve done. Turn away from those things which you know to be wrong, and accept me as your Savior, and you will have access to the full blessings of my gospel.”
I am grateful for the breadth of coverage of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Today, as I have opportunities to share the gospel, I will remember that this message is for everyone, and that we all need the cleansing and sanctifying power of the Atonement. 

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