These Things Were to Be Kept Sacred, and Handed Down from One Generation to Another – Alma 63:12-13

12 Now behold, all those engravings which were in the possession of Helaman were written and sent forth among the children of men throughout all the land, save it were those parts which had been commanded by Alma should not go forth.
13 Nevertheless, these things were to be kept sacred, and handed down from one generation to another; therefore, in this year, they had been conferred upon Helaman, before the death of Shiblon.

Shiblon took seriously his responsibility as caretaker of the sacred records. Before he died, he passed the engravings on to his nephew Helaman, who not only guarded them but who also made copies of the writings and published them as broadly as he could.
As I think about my desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with my children, I recognize the importance of sharing the scriptures with them — not just reading words on the page, but talking about what those words have meant to me and about what those words can mean to them. I recognize that I can pass the fire of faith on to subsequent generations by teaching them about eternal principles and by showing them that I take these things seriously.
Today, as I study the scriptures with my children, I will share my testimony of the gospel and will take the time to share experiences in which the word of God has blessed my life.

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