How Did Jesus Fulfill the Law?

Jesus fulfilled the law in three ways: (1) by completing His mission, rendering the religious observances of the law of Moses obsolete, (2) by fulfilling scriptural prophecies, and (3) by clarifying the meaning and purpose of God's commandments.

How Did Jesus Use the Scriptures?

Jesus knew the scriptures. As a twelve-year-old boy, he impressed the experienced teachers in the temple at Jerusalem with his insight and understanding. (See Luke 2:46-47.) He publicly announced that He was the Messiah by quoting Isaiah 61:1-2 in the synagogue at Nazareth. (See Luke 4:18-19.) And at the end of His life, as He... Continue Reading →

Being Good Ground

In the parable of the sower, Jesus describes four kinds of ground which a seed might experience: The way side (the road) Stony places, with very little soil Thorny places Good ground (See Matthew 13:3-8.) The first three are not conducive to growth. Only the fourth enables the seed to flourish. Alma uses a similar... Continue Reading →

A Famine…of Hearing the Words of the Lord

When Alma spoke in the city of Zarahemla, he asked a number of questions to help his listeners assess their own spiritual state. "Have ye spiritually been born of God?" he asked. "Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?" (Alma 5:14). Later in the sermon, he addressed a question to... Continue Reading →

Nephi’s Psalm and the Book of Psalms

There's a passage in the Book of Mormon that is commonly called Nephi's Psalm. Immediately after quoting his father's final words to each of his children and then announcing the death of his father, Nephi becomes introspective. For twenty one verses, he expresses emotions ranging from despair to resolution before imploring God to help him... Continue Reading →

The Book of Psalms and the Book of Mormon

The brass plates which Lehi and his family carried from Jerusalem contained a lot of content which overlaps with the Old Testament. Nephi describes three categories of writings, which correspond with three of the four groupings of books in the Old Testament: "The five books of Moses" - The Law (Genesis through Deuteronomy)"A record of... Continue Reading →

Josiah and Benjamin

Today I've been thinking about the parallels between two kings: Josiah, who reigned over Judah just before the Babylonian captivity (640-609 BCE), and Benjamin, who reigned over the Nephites about 500 years later. Both kings led their people in a spiritual reawakening. Here are some of their common experiences: ExperienceJosiahBenjaminInspired by the scripturesWas horrified when... Continue Reading →

The Book of Judges and the Book of Mormon

Did the authors of the Book of Mormon have access to the book of Judges? They did have the brass plates, which contained "the five books of Moses...and also a record of the Jews...and also the prophecies of the holy prophets" (1 Nephi 5:10-13). It seems reasonable to assume that some version of the book... Continue Reading →

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