Cry Unto Him over the Crops of Your Fields – Alma 34:24-25

24 Cry unto him over the crops of your fields, that ye may prosper in them.
25 Cry over the flocks of your fields, that they may increase.
(Alma 34:24-25)

Today, I made a deliberate decision to pray about the projects I’m working on at my job. I know that Amulek’s words are true, and that Heavenly Father is willing to help me in all areas of my life. But I will admit that I haven’t prayed with specificity about my work projects for a long time. Here is what happened:

  1. I needed to get myself more organized in order to have the prayer in the first place. With many things happening at work, my first step was to think about the activities that I’m involved in and to make sure my priorities and goals were clear.
  2. As I said the prayer, some specific ideas came to my mind about what to do today to make progress toward my goals.
  3. I felt energized and optimistic after the prayer.
  4. Several things simply fell into place–a meeting was canceled which freed up some time on my calendar, and I was able to reach several people who I needed to talk with. Those things might have happened with or without the prayer, but it did feel like I was getting some help.
  5. I did a better job than usual of maintaining my focus throughout the day, partly because I was more optimistic, and partly because I felt an increased sense of accountability: I needed to do my part since I was asking Heavenly Father for help.
I know that praying doesn’t take away all of our trials. Just praying about work doesn’t mean that the day will be successful or easy. But I remembered today the importance of praying about the details of my life, and I recommitted to be specific as I talk with my Heavenly Father in prayer.
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