2 Nephi 2:15-16 He Was Enticed By the One or the Other

15 And to bring about his eternal purposes in the end of man, after he had created our first parents, and the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and in fine, all things which are created, it must needs be that there was an opposition; even the forbidden fruit in opposition to the tree of life; the one being sweet and the other bitter.
16 Wherefore, the Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by the one or the other.
We know that righteousness brings happiness and that wickedness brings misery (Alma 41:10), but we may not always remember that there is no righteousness at all without the opportunity to choose wickedness!  What is so admirable about doing good when you have no other option?  But when you are tempted to do wrong, and the temptation is enticing, and you deliberately choose to do good anyway, that is true righteousness, and that will bring true happiness.
Today, I will be grateful for the agency God has given me. I will remember that temptations are opportunities for me to intentionally choose good over evil and thus to find joy in righteousness. 

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