“Armed with Righteousness” – 1 Nephi 14:14

In an 1831 revelation, the Lord reminds us of the city of Enoch, a group of people who were “separated from the earth,” and lifted up to heaven, because of their purity, charity, and unity (Doctrine and Covenants 45:11, see also Moses 7:21). He said that they would remain in heaven until “a day of righteousness shall come—a day which was sought for by all holy men” (Doctrine and Covenants 45:12). Later in the revelation, He instructs members of the church to build a community like Enoch’s city, which He refers to as “the New Jerusalem, a land of peace, a city of refuge, a place of safety for the saints of the Most High God” (Doctrine and Covenants 45:66).

Ether prophesied that a New Jerusalem would be established on the American continent. Descendants of Joseph “shall build up a holy city unto the Lord, like unto the Jerusalem of old; and they shall no more be confounded, until the end come” (Ether 8:13).

Nephi foresaw a time when, in spite of turmoil and confusion in the world, “the covenant people of the Lord” would be “armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory” (1 Nephi 14:14).

And the Savior also prophesied of that time during His ministry on the American continent following His resurrection. The Gentiles and the descendants of Israel will work together to build a city called the New Jerusalem. “And then shall the power of heaven come down among them; and I also I will be in the midst” (3 Nephi 21:25).

We live in that amazing time.

President Russell M. Nelson said:

Every prophet commencing with Adam has seen our day. And every prophet has talked about our day, when Israel would be gathered and the world would be prepared for the Second Coming of the Savior. Think of it! Of all the people who have ever lived on planet earth, we are the ones who get to participate in this final, great gathering event. How exciting is that!

“Hope of Israel,” Worldwide Youth Devotional, June 3, 2018

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland wrote:

What a terrific time to be alive!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most certain, the most secure, the most reliable, and the most rewarding truth on earth and in heaven, in time and in eternity. Nothing—not anything, not anyone, not any influence—will keep this Church from fulfilling its mission and realizing its destiny declared from before the foundation of the world….

There is no need to be afraid or tentative about the future….

If you haven’t noticed, I am bullish about the latter days. … Believe. Rise up. Be faithful. And make the most of the remarkable day in which we live!

Facebook post, quoted in Douglas D. Holmes, “Deep in Our Heart,” General Conference, April 2020, footnote 1

Today, I will make plans and move forward with courage and optimism, remembering that I live in a time prophets have anticipated since the beginning of the world. I will remember that, as we prepare the world for the Savior’s return, He will be with us, and we will be armed with His power.

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