Mormon 7-9: “I Speak Unto You as if Ye Were Present” (November 2-8)

After experiencing the annihilation of his people. Mormon wrote a final message of testimony and admonition to the descendants of his enemies, the Lamanites. He wanted them to know four things:

  1. You are part of the house of Israel.
  2. You must repent in order to be saved.
  3. You must lay down your weapons of war.
  4. You must learn what your ancestors knew. You must learn to rely on Jesus Christ, who has overcome death, and who can help you prepare for the Final Judgment.

Here is a summary of Mormon’s final message, with my takeaways:

Mormon’s Final Message – Mormon 7

After Mormon’s death, and at his request, his son Moroni completed his book. Moroni may very well have believed that the last two chapters of his father’s book were all that he would write. He wasn’t sure how long he would live, and there wasn’t much room left on the plates his father had given him. (See Mormon 8:1-5.)

Moroni’s purpose appears to be to help modern readers accept and understand his father’s book. Emphasizing that he had seen our day and that he understood us (Mormon 8:35), Moroni identified several patterns of thought which might prevent us from recognizing and acting on the truths taught in the Book of Mormon:

  1. Rejecting a message because the messenger is imperfect (Mormon 8:12-21, Mormon 9:30-34)
  2. Being confused about what is really important (Mormon 8:14, Mormon 8:37-39)
  3. An unwillingness to consider the future consequences of your actions (Mormon 9:1-6)
  4. Relegating God to the distant past instead of exercising faith in Him here and now (Mormon 9:7-25)

Here is a summary of Moroni’s (first) final message, with my takeaways:

Moroni’s First Message to His Modern Readers – Mormon 8-9

Here are some of the principles I have learned from these chapters:

How the Atonement of Jesus Christ prepares us for the Final Judgment

Recognizing and accepting truth

Making wise decisions

Treating others with kindness and charity

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