“Many Revelations Daily” – Helaman 11:23

How frequently can we receive revelation from God? How frequently do we need revelation from God?

In April, Sister Joy D. Jones taught us that God can help us avoid being overwhelmed by the number of things we need to get done. She said, “The Spirit helps us determine which work to focus on today” (“An Especially Noble Calling,” General Conference, April 2020).

In a footnote to her talk, she shared the following quotation from President Henry B. Eyring:

Now, if you and I were visiting alone (I wish we could be), where you felt free to ask whatever you wanted to ask, I can imagine your saying something like this: “Oh, Brother Eyring, I’ve felt some of the things you have described. The Holy Ghost has touched my heart and mind from time to time. But I will need it consistently if I am not to be overcome or deceived. Is that possible? Is it possible, and, if it is, what will it take to receive that blessing?”

Well, let’s start with the first part of your question. Yes, it is possible. Whenever I need that reassurance—and I need it from time to time too—I remember two brothers. Nephi and Lehi, and the other servants of the Lord laboring with them, faced fierce opposition. They were serving in an increasingly wicked world. They had to deal with terrible deceptions. So I take courage—and so can you—from the words in this one verse of Helaman. The reassurance is tucked into the account of all that happened in an entire year, almost as if to the writer it was not surprising. Listen:

And in the seventy and ninth year there began to be much strife. But it came to pass that Nephi and Lehi, and many of their brethren who knew concerning the true points of doctrine, having many revelations daily, therefore they did preach unto the people, insomuch that they did put an end to their strife in that same year. [Helaman 11:23]

They had “many revelations daily.” So, for you and for me, that answers your first question. Yes, it is possible to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost sufficiently to have many revelations daily. It will not be easy. But it is possible.

Gifts of the Spirit for Hard Times,” BYU Devotional Address, 10 September 2016

President Eyring went on to list three things we would need in order to receive revelation frequently: faith in God (which grows as we serve Him), cleanliness (which we achieve through repentance), and pure motives.

After reading Sister Jones’s and President Eyring’s words, I’m impressed with the immediacy of revelation. We can receive guidance from God now, because we need it now. God can not only teach us universal principles which will benefit us throughout our lives. He can also help us prioritize our work today so that we spend our time wisely. He will willing to get involved in the details of our lives if we are willing to invite His involvement. He can help us avoid temptations and overcome the challenges we will face today. Like Nephi and Lehi, we can have “many revelations daily,” but we have to listen, and we have to make the effort to have faith, to repent, and to maintain appropriate motives.

Today, I will seek to hear the voice of God. I will especially seek for His help in prioritizing my work and understanding what I should focus on here and now. Like Nephi and Lehi, I will strive to receive revelation many times every day.

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