Helaman 7-12: “Remember the Lord” (August 24-30)

After a miraculous mission among the Lamanites and a frustrating mission among the Nephites in the north, Nephi returned to his home in Zarahemla. As the former chief judge, he was horrified by the corruption in their government and the rampant wickedness among the people. In frustration, he said a very public prayer on a tower in his garden, which was beside a busy highway. This action caught the attention of passers-by, which led to the following events:

  1. Nephi preaches a sermon, calling on the people to repent (Helaman 7-8). Here is a summary of that sermon with my takeaways: Nephi’s Sermon from His Tower.
  2. Nephi reveals to the people that their chief judge has been murdered and convincingly identifies the murderer. Most people now believe that he has supernatural powers, but they still don’t repent (Helaman 9).
  3. God gives Nephi the sealing power, which he uses to initiate a famine. After the people repent, Nephi ends the famine. But their repentance is short-lived (Helaman 10-11).
  4. After relating these events, Mormon laments the perennial foolishness of human beings (Helaman 12). Here is a summary with my takeaways: Mormon’s lament.

Here are some principles I have learned from studying these chapters:

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